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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Through many years of NHS work, it has become apparent that girls often reach their teenage years before the question of an Autistic

Spectrum Disorder comes up. Sometimes this is identified following the diagnosis of an eating disorder. Sometimes a young woman is diagnosed with depression or anxiety prior to the root cause of this being identified.

The reason for this is Autistic Spectrum Disorders are under diagnosed in females. The typical presentation in males is well known – avoidance of eye contact, poor social skills, difficulty with social interaction, however the cues can be different in females. Teenage girls often are able to make eye contact and are good at mimicking social interactions so they ‘appear’ socially able. However in reality often the individual is confused about day to day interactions and misunderstands or misinterprets daily situations. This often leads to feeling confused and isolated and in time depressed.

Cocoon solutions can offer specific support for teenagers diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. With years compiling specialist interventions we can help liaise with school to adapt the school day and environment to support a young person. We can also write a report supporting if needed specialist educational needs (based on clinical evidence of need). We can support re-integration into the community and getting out and about and provide education on how to socially interact in different situations. We can also complete sensory processing assessments. As high as 90% of individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder experience sensory processing difficulties which affect participation in daily activities.

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