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Occupational Health support in Leicestershire is launching!

Cocoon Solutions is launching a new package of care in Leicestershire to support wellness in work and return to work for those off work with mental health difficulties.

Mental health and wellbeing is an increasing hot topic and small businesses can struggle to get the specific targeted support they need for an employee. Sometimes a phone line just isn’t enough and mental health can be complex. On top of that come mixed feelings of anxiety or embarrassment that can make coming back to work even trickier.

What can you expect from Cocoon Solutions?

-A full assessment of need using the Model of Human Occupation which will look at a person holistically including medical issues, their personal values, what they are struggling with and then what they need.

-Signposting – if we think your employee needs different help we’ll put you in touch with the right person and provide our professional advice around the need.

-We’ll include a full written report and recommendations on next steps to get somebody the help they need and ideally back to work.

-We offer 1:1 support around a flexible schedule to meet individual needs and can be flexible on where we meet people to support them e.g. if they are struggling to go out we can meet at home and grade meeting out and about with the individual.

-As an employer, you may not know about mental health. We can work with you to support your knowledge and development of mental health in the workplace.

Why Cocoon Solutions?

We use a unique approach to get to the bottom of what makes someone tick. We look at the person as a person. We’re affordable and we have an excellent track record of meeting needs.

We’re highly ethical. This is extremely important to Cocoon solutions. If we are not the right service for someone we’ll be clear from the start.

Typically, we can see someone within 7 days. The longer you wait the worse things can feel. We can liaise with GPs and other health professionals as and when required with permission of the employee.

Enquire now for more information we can respond within 24 hours.


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