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Cocooner Blanket

A blanket for autism, insomnia, anxiety & cosiness! 


The Cocooner blanket is finally here!

The Cocooner Blanket wraps around your bed to keep you snug inside. It is ideal for children with autism, individuals with anxiety, adults struggling with insomnia or those who just like to feel snug in bed!

What’s different about The Cocooner Blanket? 

  • Developed and created by an Occupational Therapist qualified in sensory integration (a form of occupational therapy which aims to strengthen the patient’s sense of touch, balance, and where the body and its parts are positioned)
  • Made from breathable Bamboo fabric for protection against sweat and moisture, plus it helps to regulate body temperature to keep you comfortable all night long
  • The fabric is also antibacterial making it a great choice for allergy sufferers, helping to form an effective barrier against bed mites and organisms
  • This is an ideal bedsheet for anyone with highly sensitive skin due to it’s protective antibacterial properties
  • Bamboo is a sustainable crop that requires less water and less chemical processing compared to other fabrics, so it’s way more eco friendly!
  • The Cocooner blanket is made right here in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a high quality, British product – this is it
  • We know our product is made in an ethical factory because we regularly visit it ourselves, right here in the UK

Our neurological systems are wired to support us when functioning in everyday life through regulating our emotions, thoughts and feelings. We use our neurological system everyday for proprioception, tactile input and vestibular processing. These are fancy words but really what it comes down to is that as humans we like to feel deep pressure on our skin, as it helps us to feel calm. The pressure enables us to drop off easily because it lowers our alertness and promotes relaxation, making it a breeze to drift off!

There’s widespread misinformation online about the science behind pressure and its calming effects, but with the Cocooner Blanket you can speak to a qualified professional to understand exactly how it works at any time – feel free to get in touch. 

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