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We provide mental and physical occupational therapy health services

to help you to lead a happy and healthy life. 

Wellness Support

Burnout, stress, long term mental health issues – all of these struggles can hugely impact on our day to day functioning and health. Here at Cocoon we have tailor made packages to support your occupational health to help you, or your colleagues, to get back on their feet.

If you have an employee that’s currently off work with a mental health condition and you’re not sure what the next steps should be, we can support you and your employee to get back into the workplace in full health. 

Initial Review

We conduct a 2 hour initial review of the employee’s needs with a face to face discussion

Ongoing Support

Eight sessions of face to face support to assist with the transition back to work and a meeting to discuss the reasonable adjustments

Written Plan

A written plan of the employee's needs, adjustments and support required to help them return to work

Wellness Plan

Once transition back to work has taken place, we carry out a follow up meeting to maintain their wellness at work and prevent future relapses


A full assessment using standardised and non-standardised measures

Ongoing Support

Support tailored to the individual's needs utilising the written reports recommendations (suitable for an EHCP if required)

Written Report

A written report outlining needs, strengths and difficulties


At the end of the treatment benefit from enhanced senses, increased capabilities and enjoyment of everyday life

Sensory Processing

Difficulty with sensory processing can affect an adult on an everyday basis. Problems can be experienced with touch, sound, sight, taste, texture, balance and body awareness. Often work functioning is impacted – a certified Occupational Therapist can assist with assessing individuals at home or in the workplace to improve their ability to carry out daily activities. 

Dyspraxia Assessments

Dyspraxia sits under the umbrella of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Many individuals reach adult life without knowing that they may be struggling with DCD. Often this can lead to feeling anxious or depressed without knowing why. A diagnosis can be the first step in understanding how the condition can be managed, helping individual’s to enhance their motor skills and complete day to day tasks such as planning a journey or sequencing a task much easier. 

*Suitable for adults and children


An assessment to identify if an individual has DCD and the impact this has on their day to day functioning

Ongoing Support

A written plan to support the individual to achieve their future goals

Written Report

A report that outlines the individual's needs following assessment, both at home and at work


An enhanced ability for the individual to carry out day to day tasks



Home Support

When diagnosed with dementia it can be hard to know what to expect and how to best prepare for the future. A therapist can visit an individual in their home, review their current needs, outline their future needs and support individual’s and their loved ones with knowledge to help a client in being as independent as possible, for as long as possible. Adjustment to daily routines and the home environment can help to support their independence and make day to day living easier. 

Care Home

Care home staff work tirelessly to look after the most vulnerable people in society. Do you operate a care home and are looking for an occupational therapist to provide specific supporting services? Are you looking for someone either part time or full time to help you deliver an enhanced level of care that goes above and beyond in order to meet the needs of clients? We can help. 


Why our clients
work with us

It may sound trite, but truly... Mel has been life changing. She gives me a spiritual kick to the head every time we meet, helping me to change how I think about things. I've had a lot of therapy, mindfulness, CBT... this is different, and it has really made a difference.
Jessica Chambers
Our daughter found her GCSE year difficult and started having symptoms of anxiety which affected her eating. Mel helped her enormously and gave her strategies that not only enabled her to make it through the GCSEs well but have continued to enable her to manage her anxiety -A levels were a vastly improved experience for her. She felt secure with Mel and we were very happy with Mel’s professional, caring approach and so relieved to find some support for our daughter when the NHS had nothing to offer.
Jon Hyde

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