Accessing the community

Support with accessing the community with specialist advice, treatment packages and guidance.

Cocoon Solutions are especially experienced at supporting individuals access and reintegrate in the community. Sometimes when you struggle with a mental health problem, knowing how to get out and about, understanding social norms and motivating yourself to leave your home can be truly daunting. Cocoon Solutions have worked with individuals with schizophrenia, depression, anorexia nervosa, bipolar and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. A careful and sensitive approach is taken to identify what an individual wants for their current routine and future. A plan is made with the individual on how to achieve their specific goals with strategies implemented to make this work for the individual.

Occupational Therapy focuses on your motivation to do or not do something, your current routines and how these are impacted by your condition, and performance, how what you do is affected by other things in your life.

For advice and information about how Cocoon Solutions can help you with your specific needs, please enquire further.