Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Assessment for cognition, functioning, sequencing and problem solving.

Cocoon Solutions have specific expertise in child and adolescent mental health working with teenagers overcoming mental health issues.

Current services in the NHS are stretched. Many children are struggling to manage at school and daily life without ongoing regular support which isn’t easily available. Cocoon Solutions¬†can complete a full assessment of need for a young person and provide weekly support for that individual tailored to their needs 1:1 at a time that works.

Examples of support include:

  • Supporting an individual with an eating disorder to reintegrate into school, manage social events involving food, have therapeutic meals in the community.
  • Supporting a young person with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder reintegrate into school, manage a sensory processing disorder, access the community and engage in meaningful activity.
  • Work through strategies with a young person to help them manage regulate complex emotions through the use of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Assess an individuals¬†functional ability in daily tasks. This is especially useful for individuals with fluctuating conditions such as bipolar, depression or schizophrenia.
  • Help young people who ave become socially isolated regain motivation to engage inactivity and access the community with specific graded support.