Working and Mental Health

Support with returning to work and making sure this is graded achievable.

Maintaining work

Often an individual can be struggling to maintain good mental health owing to work. A review might be needed of both the workplace and an individuals needs to identify ‘trouble spots’ that place someone at risk of poor mental health.

Individuals may have a recent diagnosis of a mental health condition or be tying to manage an ongoing condition. The law requires that an employer makes reasonable adjustments for an individual with a mental health problem in the workplace (Equality Act, 2012). If you are an employer seeking to understand these adjustments required an assessment can help identify an individuals needs and signpost key aspects of an illness and how to manage this in relation to work. If you are an individual with a mental health problem and want greater understanding of how to manage your mental health problems with work a full assessment can be completed. Cocoon Solutions can then hold a joint meeting with yourself and your line manager (if desired) to discuss need and adaptations required at work.


Getting back into work

If you’re not in work and want to get back in the workforce, you might need some support and help to identify your skills and areas of work you would like to pursue, within the context of your healthcare needs. Cocoon solutions can meet with you and find out who you are, what you want and set about creating the journey for you to get there.