Achieving the things the most important to you in life

Occupational Therapists focus on what is most important to you as a person. You are at the centre of the model of practice and we work around you and your specific needs. Current healthcare systems tend not to do this and focus on targets and demands of the service.An Occupational Therapist is going to be interested in who you are, what you do and enjoy what have you experienced in your life, your routine, what motivates you to get up in the morning and how you define yourself. An Occupational Therapist wants to know about how you socially interact and prioritise your life. Following this, what are you currently experiencing which ‘de-rails’ what you want to do in your life? Are you struggling to engage in your passion for dancing or singing or gardening? Is getting to work difficult?

Physical healthcare issues such as Parkinson’s disease, a chronic musculoskeletal issue, a brain injury can make enjoying life really difficult. An Occupational Therapist can support you to achieve daily tasks that you would like to achieve and also develop new hobbies and interests. Exploration of identity and changes in identity can be managed carefully and specific confidence building tasks can be completed in a graded manner to support development or maintenance of independence.

A treatment plan with specific intervention which are goal orientated can facilitate improving or maintaining physical health, whatever you might be struggling with.